Disability Cover

Something can always go wrong, leaving you unable to do your job. Which means you’ll need some money to sustain your lifestyle. Disability cover gives you a lump sum of money to help you deal with your new situation.


What we arrange for you

Pay you a lump sum of cash, if an accident or illness stops you from doing your job permanently.
This amount may help you to clear debts, adjust your lifestyle and provide the capital base to add to your future income.

This is a Disability benefit, paying out a single lump sum as ‘start-up capital’ for a new lifestyle – so that you can adapt to your situation. You will be paid this money if you become disabled due to an illness or injury, and are totally and permanently unable to do your normal job, or any other work you would be able to do with your education, knowledge, training and experience.

Call us to enquire about your disability cover options.

“Eddie is a good advisor that always explains everything in dept, and he always has your best interestís art heart”

Edward Pitcher
Fourier Approach

“Eddie did a complete financial profile with detailed calculations of myself before recommending any financial products. His calculations were very transparent and easy to understand which made choosing the right financial tools that much easier. I recommended his to my family - something I wouldn't normally do unless I felt very comfortable with the level of expertise and integrity of the service”

Modes Cloete
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