CA (SA) and B.Compt (Hons)


Eddie Baird has over 14 years experience in financial management, financial planning and financial consultation. In 1995 he was selected out of a group of clerks to work at one of the largest auditing firms in the world, namely PriceWaterhouseCoopers. During his time at PWC he had the opportunity to audit firms like the South African Reserve Bank, Denel and Bankfin to name a few. After leaving PWC, he was then appointed as financial manager at MWEB Business. During his time at MWEB Business he was involved in quite a number of different projects and exposed to different aspects of the business including heading up the product team for MWEB Business’ financial data services division, McGregor BFA. He was also selected to be the Johannesburg project manager managing the merger between MWEB Business and Tiscali. He then later left the company to start doing financial planning and consultation on a fulltime basis.




Darryn Baird started out by going overseas to London for 2 years. During his time there he was managing various hotels in and around London. In 2002 he was awarded the best hotel manager in the UK out of 562 hotels. He then decided that it was time to come back to South Africa and it wasn’t long before he was approached by a brokerage called Siriletsa Financial Services to work as a broker. Darryn then acquired his financial accreditation by passing the various required protocols. After working at the brokerage for 2 years he then decided to buy the brokerage side of the business at the end of 2005. He furthered his financial accreditation and has recently joined with Eddie Baird to form Baird Financial Services.


“Eddie is a good advisor that always explains everything in depth, and he always has your best interest’s art heart”

Edward Pitcher
Fourier Approach

“Eddie did a complete financial profile with detailed calculations of myself before recommending any financial products. His calculations were very transparent and easy to understand which made choosing the right financial tools that much easier. I recommended him to my family - something I wouldn't normally do unless I felt very comfortable with the level of expertise and integrity of the service”

Modes Cloete
CP Project Management & Training Consultants