Our Approach

Baird Financial Services is all about ensuring that each client gets the right solution for his / her unique financial and lifestyle needs. The process for determining the appropriate solution, is as follows:

 1. Initial meeting:

Obtaining all the relevant information to complete a full financial needs analysis, identify  needs and discussing the way forward

2. Financial Needs:

Performing a full financial needs analysis in Analysis: order to establish the client’s current financial situation, understanding the shortfalls and other needs in the current situation

3. Solution:

Based on the outcome of the Financial Needs Analysis, a solution is then prepared for the client to address any shortfalls or concerns

4. Consultation:

The proposal for the solution is presented to the client and discussed in detail. The client gives input regarding the advice given and based on the consultation the necessary changes are made and presented back to the client

5. Acceptance:

Once the client is satisfied with the advise and the solution, He /She then approves and accepts it. Baird Financial Services will then go ahead and make the various changes as discussed

6. Continuous:

The client is revisited once a year to

7. Support:

We ensure that the current solution is still adequate for his / her financial needs.

“Eddie is a good advisor that always explains everything in depth, and he always has your best interests art heart”

Edward Pitcher
Fourier Approach

“Eddie did a complete financial profile with detailed calculations of myself before recommending any financial products. His calculations were very transparent and easy to understand which made choosing the right financial tools that much easier. I recommended him to my family - something I wouldn't normally do unless I felt very comfortable with the level of expertise and integrity of the service”

Modes Cloete
CP Project Management & Training Consultants