In order to ensure the financial success of an individual, the approach should be from a ‘big picture’ perspective and not by addressing the symptoms of the current situation. The services which are being offered, are:

Estate Planning: Provide for the protection of assets, reduction of risk and reduction of tax in the long term.

Life, Disability & Trauma Cover: If you can’t work for a while because you’re sick or injured, you’re still going to need money to pay the bills. An income protector ensures that those pay cheques keep coming.

Retirement Planning: Independant research shows that about 70% of potential retiress are wondering if they are saving enough to meet their retirement needs and about 57% of retired people experience a drop in their standard of living when they retired. It is important not to become part of the statistic.

Business Insurance: Proving a very affordable way for a business to ensure the continuance of a business should an owner die or become disabled. It also provides for the owner’s dependants.

Investments: Formulating the best investment plan for a client by keeping in mind the client’s objectives, his / her risk profile, tax, and returns gained to name but a few.

Insurance: Short term insurance offered for both business and personal requirements.

Consultation: Financial and tax advice offered to both businesses and individuals.

“Eddie is a good advisor that always explains everything in depth, and he always has your best interests art heart”

Edward Pitcher
Fourier Approach

“Eddie did a complete financial profile with detailed calculations of myself before recommending any financial products. His calculations were very transparent and easy to understand which made choosing the right financial tools that much easier. I recommended him to my family - something I wouldn't normally do unless I felt very comfortable with the level of expertise and integrity of the service”

Modes Cloete
CP Project Management & Training Consultants