Business Insurance

Proving a very affordable way for a business to ensure the continuance of a business should an owner die or become disabled. It also provides for the owner’s dependants.

Did you know that 70% of business-owners do not have their most important business risks covered?  As a business-owner, you could either continue in blissful ignorance and face the consequences, or ensure that you are one of the 30%!

Failing to address   these risks could lead to dire consequences for your business and your family.  In order to determine the risk, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will your widow/er be called upon to pay the debts of the business?  If you signed surety, chances are very good that this will be the case.
  • Who will spend your loan account after your death – Your children or your partner’s children?  If you do not at least make provision to recover your loan to your business in the event of death, chances become very slim that you will recover it at all.
  • How will your dependants benefit from the value of your shareholding in the event of your death?  Your equity is the wealth that you created in your business over your life-time.  If your dependants cannot benefit from this wealth, your hard work would have been in vain.
  • Do you have a signed buy-and-sell agreement in place and if so, when last was it reviewed?


Baird Finacial Services offers a lucid approach to a severely neglected part of risk management in business, i.e. risk emanating from the death or disability of the owners of that business.


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“Eddie is a good advisor that always explains everything in dept, and he always has your best interests art heart”

Edward Pitcher
Fourier Approach

“Eddie did a complete financial profile with detailed calculations of myself before recommending any financial products. His calculations were very transparent and easy to understand which made choosing the right financial tools that much easier. I recommended his to my family - something I wouldn't normally do unless I felt very comfortable with the level of expertise and integrity of the service”

Modes Cloete
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